The Tablet Fad

I’ll take a decent laptop computer over any tablet computer any day.  Can you really type that well on a virtual keyboard on a tablet compared to a conventional keyboard on a laptop?  I don’t think so.  Of course the screen on most tablets are much smaller compared to laptop computers like the one I’m using (15.4 inch screen).

I suppose I can see some of the upside of using a tablet computer like it’s generally smaller (including the screen) and lighter, but is it really worth it for most home and office users of a computer?  The answer is mostly no, no and no.

The hype that Apple sold about tablets was done with a ton of their cash in advertisement, like they do for any of there products.  Apple made their money on their tablets being the first in, but now that the fad is over, the manufacturers that are late to get in the game may not fare so well.

If you have the money to burn and you just want have fun viewing media, a tablet might be right for you.  If you want to be more productive and have fun viewing and editing media,  a laptop computer will leave a tablet computer in the dust.


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