Linux Mint 17

What Is Linux Mint?

Linux Mint is a open source computer operating system based on the Ubuntu Linux operating system.  Ubuntu Linux is the most widely well known Linux operating system throughout the world because it’s initial release was in 2004.  Linux Mint’s first release was in 2006.  Linux Mint is the second most popular Linux distribution, but that may not be for long.

Linux Mint has been described by many as Ubuntu Linux on steroids.  Basically, the Linux Mint team of programmers takes the latest Ubuntu Linux release and refines it to make it faster, lighter, and more efficient.  It also adds the multimedia codec support and the Flash browser plug-in to give a full multimedia experience that is not available in Ubuntu by default. This allow you to play MP3 and store bought DVD movies right after Linux Mint is installed.  With it’s ease of use and functionality similar to Windows XP, you will find transitioning over to Linux Mint will be easier then most many other Linux distribution.

Why Choose Linux Mint Over Other Linux Distributions?

I’ve been using Linux Mint for over 8 years.  Early on, putting Linux Mint or another Linux distribution on a desktop or laptop computer wasn’t for the fainthearted.  Linux Mint and other Linux versions didn’t play so nice with the different pieces of hardware necessarily on a computer.  Often times your wireless Ethernet, or video card would not work without some manual intervention on the command line.  Now with Linux Mint, almost 100% of the hardware on most computers install a driver for the hardware automatically without any manual intervention.

These days, installing Linux Mint on a computer has never been easier.  You simply pop in the Linux Mint installation DVD and run the menu driven installer.  After filling out a few fields like what do you want your user name and password to be, Linux Mint is installed in about 15 minutes.

Linux Mint has risen in popularity over the last few years. In 2012, it was awarded the Best Linux Desktop by CNET and many other accolades.  It continues to be the most downloaded Linux distribution over the last several years according to the Distrowatch web site , that monitors most of the Linux distributions.

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