Microsoft, Is it self destructing?

With Google making inroads into the office suite world with there free Google docs that is in direct competition with Microsoft’s office suite,  and Windows 8 turning out to be a design and marketing nightmare for Microsoft, are they going to be able to right their Titanic type sinking ship?  Throw in the Microsoft’s version of a tablet, the Surface, that is not selling very well, will they pull out of this tailspin?

Personally, they are going to have to pull a miracle rabbit out of their hat, but I don’t see that coming anytime in the future.  Here are my reason I don’t think they can do it:

  1. The computer operating system war is heating up in so many directions.  With Linux now a excellent choice to use on most desktop/laptop machines and Apple with their solid operating system and computers, this gives you solid choices instead of Windows.
  2. Microsoft is now playing catchup with Google in the web based office suite arena.  Google docs came out first and now has a substantial market share in this area.
  3. Microsoft’s Surface (tablet) is also so very late in the game.  There are so many quality and inexpensive Android type tablets already out there, like the Google’s Nexus line, why go with the Surface?

With Microsoft’s sinking burning Titanic ship, that can’t steer around these massive obstacles in front of them, I wouldn’t be buying any Microsoft stock anytime soon, if I were you.




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