Internet Connectors Overview

Internet Connectors intention is to inform people on how to use today’s computer technology to enhance your day to day lives. Often this new technology is perceived to be to complex to use, however when shown and given the proper instructions, this should not be the case.

Much of the software technology we talk about is freely available software called “open source software” ie. Firefox web browser, Linux Mint.   This “open source software” is free to use forever and there is never a cost to you, period. All the “open source software” programmers are asking for are donations to keep these software projects alive and to continue updating their software.  Is that a lot to ask for a freely given out software that is often better designed and programmed then commercially available software? What more can you ask for?

The “open source software” that we will discuss here is mainly only available in Linux based computers, however some of the open source software is designed to work in both Linux and Windows ie. Firefox web browser.   This blog is mostly geared towards the Linux version and users.

Linux based computers are nothing more then your average home desktop computer or laptop running a Linux based operating system instead of a Windows based operating system. Most later model desktop computers will run a Linux based operating system just fine and in most cases faster and more stable, needing less computer resources. You’ll find Linux Mint the easiest flavor of a Linux distribution  to transition over from Windows.

In the past, Linux was difficult to install on computer, however since many of  the hardware manufacturers now provide the Linux drivers for their hardware, it’s not much of an issue any more.   Hardware manufacturers are now on board with Linux because they see the potential of future sales.  With Russia’s government and their schools now switching over to Linux from Microsoft by 2015, the masses here will soon wake up and see the potential of open source software.

Now with that being said, let us show you some of the open source projects that maybe of interest to you giving your old computer a new life.  You will be surprised what an old computer can be used for.  Don’t throw it out just yet.  You’ll see what we mean.

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